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Tabener Emigrants - Book

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In 2015, I had the idea to write a book about the history of the emigrants of Taben-Rodt to America. At the beginning of my research, I assumed that about 40 people immigrated from Taben-Rodt to America.

german immigrants iowa 1I tried to find more information about families that immigrated around 1850 or later.

In the course of my further research, I found out that more than 100 people immigrated to America from Taben, Rodt and Hamm in the years of 1850 to 1899. Most settled in Iowa and a lot of them were related with my ancestors. Their names are: Klein, Herber, Naumann, Nauman, Neises, Neuses, Faha, Gansemer, Duehr, Felten, Loch, Kettenhofen, Weiter, Massem...

I intensive research in different sources. I checked the passenger lists of Ellis Island, the plat maps of Iowa, the US and Canadian Census Listings and even use my memberships of and I searched through books, looked up on gravestones and obituaries, and checked many internet sites. I also visited the church archives of the public libraries. I tried to find out living descendants of the immigrants and tried to get in contact. I got a lot information and a broad view about the history of the emigrants.

After this intensive time of data collection, I decided to sum up all information into a book entitled "Tabener Auswanderer – Von Taben nach Amerika 1850 - 1899" (Tabener Emigrants – From Taben to America 1850 - 1899). I have just received the first edition of my book. Although the book was written in German, many documents and sources are printed in the original English language.

The book (2. Edition) has 336 pages, 316 illustrations (pictures, obituaries, and newspaper advertisements …) 481 footnotes/sources, and the format is 11.7 x 8.3 inch.

In case you are interested, you can find more information about the book following these links:


Sie können den Auszug aus dem Buch hier downloaden.  You can download the excerpt from the book here.

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